There are a variety of drugs in our homes that you may not be aware of; medications for a headache, a cough, body aches, or something to help us sleep. Storing these prescriptions and over the counter(OTC) medications in a cabinet or out on a counter could be tempting to someone looking for drugs. Our homes often have visitors, such as grandchildren, friends, family, cleaning companies, and maintenance crews. We never know what someone may be going through, so it is imperative to keep all your medications locked up, no matter how harmless you believe them to be. This will help ensure that these medications do not get into the wrong hands and hurt someone you care about. If it has a dosage, please lock it up!


Many begin experimenting with drugs they find in their own homes.

  • Narcotic Pain Relievers (Opioids): Medication such as oxycodone (Oxycontin) & hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Stimulants: Used to treat ADHD, such as Ritalin or Adderall
  • Sedatives: Anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax & Valium
  • Sleep Aids: Prescription Ambien or OTC Tylenol/Advil PM
  • Cough Medicine: Often contains DXM, which acts similar to morphine in high doses

How do we keep our kids safe?

Do you keep guests safe?

Are we keeping our grandchildren out of danger?

With the increase of deaths from street drugs laced with Fentanyl, more substance users are seeking prescription drugs from homes.


According to the National Institute on drug abuse:

  • The highest abuse rate of prescription substances is found in those ages 18-25 at 14.4% with youth ages 12-17 at 4.9%.
  • 61% of adolescents report that prescription medications are easier to get than illegal street drugs.
  • Of those abusing prescription drugs, 66% get them from family, friends, & acquaintances.


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